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Be warned: Spammers hitchhiking on World Cup hysteria

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 , Posted by Technoratti-Anuraag at 11:13 AM

Spammers and hackers have always exploited the weakness of human psyche, often riding pillion with popular events or products to do their dirty work. These spams have in the past given us the chance to win PS3s, Xbox 360s on launch dates, and while 'Tickets to World Cup' was obviously on 'prize list', a different kind of scam-mail has had the internet security firm, Websense Security Lab issue warning to all eager football fanatics.
With about a circulation 80,000, this spam mail tries to inform you about 'FIFA World Cup South Africa..bad news". The text, carefully kept minimal to avoid spam detectors, states: "Hello!! FIFA World Cup 2010 scandal news, read attached document.” Control your eager hand as the attached HTML file has an embedded JavaScript, "which when run redirects you to an attack site or to a spam page", according to Websense experts.
Be warned and remember: Any sort of scandal at World Cup would be aired on 'IndiaTV' first. Just stay tuned...


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