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10 reasons why the iPad fails to impress

Friday, January 29, 2010 , Posted by Technoratti-Anuraag at 10:10 AM

For a device which claims to provide the best internet browsing experience, support for Flash is essential, and yet the iPad shuns Flash. This does more to hurt the iPad than it does Flash. For an internet centric device which boasts of 3G and WiFi connectivity, the lack of suppot for the full and rich interent experience is a blunder. A large sumber of cloud applications rely on Flash, and it is not just restricted to web-video. While shunning Flash from the iPhone might have worked out fine since no one expects a full interent experience on a phone, however when you are buying a device which is supposed to bring the "best web experience" you expect more. 

Better than a netbook really? The iPad fails to be better than even an iPhone. 

So here are 10 reasons why I think the iPad sucks, if we haven't made that clear already: 

  1. No multitasking. Remember, it's meant to be better than a netbook. 
  2. No Flash support. "The best web experience"; indeed 
  3. Screen is not widescreen. Well, innovation sometimes take us a few steps backwards 
  4. No HD output. Who watched HD these days anyway? 
  5. No camera. So much for video chat... 
  6. No USB port. Don't want to be too much like a netbook now do we? 
  7. No SD card slot. Cause 64GB ought to be enough for anybody... 
  8. Essential peripherals sold extra: keyboard, USB, SD card dongles, each sold for $30! 
  9. Another iPhone-like operating system. Read closed system. This seems to be Apple's game plan 
  10. You need to pay $10 per app for the iWork productinvity applications suite. It's like Apple didn't want you, or expect you to be productive on it by default

Even so, the iPad has a chance for success, and for many of the same reasons that the iPhone is a success. It is a beautiful product, with a dedicated developer community which just won't give up dispite the constant abuse. It has hundreds of thousands of applications which give it an edge over new platforms which have lesser applications. The iPhone continues to be a favourite of many because it is a pleasure to use despite its many flaws. Apple may not have done anything new here, but just given a more of the good old stuff that they already know works.

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